Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Safeguard your business devices and data with ironclad security protection against online threats, such as ransomware and malware.

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Advanced Security from Today’s Advanced Threats

As technology has developed, so too have the methods of cyber criminals. Tradition anti-virus software is no longer enough to keep your business data safe from cyber threats. Microsoft Defender for business helps to detect, identify and respond to cyber threats to prevent your business from falling victim to an attack.

What is Microsoft Defender for Business?

Microsoft Defender is a comprehensive security solution that protects your servers, devices and data from malicious attacks and cyber security threats.

  • Endpoint detection and response improves visibility and response time to security attacks.
  • Next-generation antivirus protection identifies and stops unfolding threats.
  • Automated security processes continually protects your business from cyber threats.
  • Tracking enables identification of vulnerabilities across your business’s most critical assets.

Microsoft Defender is designed for businesses up to 300 employees and is capable of safeguarding your devices from ransomware, malware, phishing and other cyber threats.

Specialist IT Support

Speak to our Azure specialists.

Automate Your Data Security with Microsoft Defender

To support the ongoing management of your cloud and on-premise security, Microsoft Defender allows you to continually assess your environment and defend against cyber risks that threaten your workloads and assets. With automated security processes, you have the peace of mind that your data is being continuously monitored without taking up your IT resource.

With expert guidance from our security specialists, your business has access to everything it needs to keep your data under lock and key. We will work with you to understand your security needs and implement the right resources within Microsoft Defender to efficiently protect your devices, data and servers.

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We’re Proud to Be a Microsoft Solution Partner.

When you work with Netcentrix you’re in safe hands as we are proud to be a Microsoft Solution Partner. This accreditation is earned through the level of knowledge and experience shown by our team of specialists, as well as the standard of service we provide to our customers.

Working with a Microsoft Solution Partner enables your business to have access to accredited experts who will work with you to implement the most beneficial configurations within Microsoft Defender to effectively protect your business.

One of our specialists

Instantly view the security of your environment and take action to proactively protect your business.

Rest assured your business is protected.

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Security Score

A single security score allows you to immediately understand your current security status. The higher the score, the lower the identified risk level.

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Security Recommendations

Customised and prioritised actions improve your security, automatically. Where human intervention is needed, recommendations can be implemented by following the simple steps provided.

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Security Alerts

With enhanced security features enabled, you can detect threats to your resources and workloads. Alerts appear in the Azure portal and can be sent to the relevant personnel in your business.

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Optimise and Improve Security

The security of new resources deployed across your workloads is continually assessed. If required, you will receive a prioritised list of actions to undertake to ensure security is optimised.

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Case Study – Charis

Find out how our experts help Charis to get the most out of their Microsoft licencing.


What is Included in Microsoft Defender?

With a range of tools and resources such as Azure Sentinel within one platform, Microsoft Defender is optimised to meet the needs of the modern business.

Enterprise-grade Security

Powerful security capabilities provides advanced protection for your business devices, assets and data.  

Microsoft Defender for Business provides a wealth of security measures, tools and processes to safeguard endpoints within your IT infrastructure against advanced cyber threats.

From automation to tracking, your business can benefit from advanced solutions that optimise your security initiatives.

Easy-to-Use Security Protection

With simplified onboarding and administration for implementing Microsoft Defender is straightforward.

Microsoft Defender for Business doesn’t require specialists knowledge to get the most out of its solutions thanks to its wizard-driven configuration and default security policies that have been created to protect your company’s data from day one.

The platform offers streamlined user experiences that direct the way to optimised security with recommendations and insights into the security of your endpoints.

Enhanced Flexibility

When it comes to security there are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, so Microsoft Defender has the flexibility to be tailored to your business’s precise needs.

Whether you’re new to Microsoft Cloud solutions or you’re already implementing Microsoft solutions within your business and well-versed in their capabilities, Microsoft Defender deployments can be tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

Defender for Business can be integrated with existing components and solutions and can be utilised across a range of operating systems including, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Business Benefits

Effectively protect your business from advanced threats with Microsoft Defender.

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Continuous Assessment

Constant threat detection and identification provides the peace of mind that your data is being proactively monitored at all times.

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Robust Security Measures

Ensure business continuity with advanced security measures and solutions within one platform.

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Defend Your Assets

Where possible, Microsoft Defender is capable of automatically resolving identified threats before they pose a risk to your business or will provide guidance on how to resolve them yourself.

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Advanced Threat Protection

For VMs, SQP databases, web applications and more, enhanced protection solutions, such as the creation of ‘allow lists’ enable enhanced control over the applications that can run on your machines.

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Defend Resources in Other Cloud Environments

Defender can protect resources in other cloud environments. For example, if you’ve connected an AWS account to an Azure subscription, you can seamless enable a range of further protection solutions.

Microsoft Defender Capabilities

Discover how Microsoft Defender can safeguard your business data.


Uncover weaknesses that pose the highest risk to your business devices, data and assets with threat and vulnerability management.


Avoid and protect against threats with antimalware and antivirus protection on your devices and in the cloud.


Whether you have a question about your solutions or have a support request, our team is here for you.


Detect and respond to incidents with endpoint detection and response to identify advanced threats and remove them from your cloud environment.


You can scale your security operations with automated investigation and remediation, which examines alerts and resolves attacks.


First Time Resolution

91% of faults are fixed within the first attempt


Customer Satisfaction

Above industry average CSAT Score

5 Mins

Response Time

You can rely on a quick answer to your support request


Rate Us Excellent

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Explore some key Microsoft Defender FAQs

Which Azure resources are monitored by Microsoft Defender?

Microsoft Defender monitors the following Azure resources: virtual machines, cloud services, VM scale sets and multiple PaaS solutions.

What is a security recommendation?

Microsoft Defender analyses the security state of your Azure resources. When potential security vulnerabilities are identified, recommendations are created. The recommendations guide you through the process of configuring the needed control.

Examples include: provisioning of anti-malware to help identify and remove malicious software, provisioning of a firewall to defend against attacks targeting your web application and deploying missing system updates.

What’s the difference between threats detected and alerted by Microsoft Security Response Centre vs Microsoft Defender?

The Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) performs select security monitoring of the Azure network and infrastructure and receives threat intelligence and abuse complaints from third parties.

When MSRC becomes aware that your data has been accessed by an unlawful or unauthorised party or that an employee’s use of Azure does not comply with the terms for Acceptable Use, a security incident manager notifies you.

Notification is typically received by email to the security contacts specified in Microsoft Defender or the Azure subscription owner if a security contact is not specified.

Defender is an Azure service that continuously monitors your Azure environment and applies analytics to detect a wide range of potentially malicious activity. These detections are communicated as security alerts in the workload protection dashboard.

What triggers a security alert in Microsoft Defender?

Microsoft Defender automatically collects, analyses and combines log data from your Azure resources, the network and partner solutions like anti-malware and firewalls. When threats are detected, a security alert is created.

Examples include detection of: compromised VMs communicating with known malicious IP addresses, advanced malware detected using Windows error reporting or brute force attacks against virtual machines.

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Proactively Protect Your Business with Microsoft Defender

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