Disaster Recovery

Equip your business with a bespoke IT Disaster Recovery Plan using products and services from industry-leading vendors wrapped in Elite’s enterprise-level customer support.

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Avoid Downtime with Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster can strike and threaten your business at any time, so it’s vital to ensure that critical information can be recovered efficiently to minimise costly downtime and allow your business to continue functioning.

Our specialists will work with you to identify the most efficient disaster recovery plan and solutions for your business to ensure data can be recovered quickly. Choose to work with a provider who offers a team of specialists, years of industry experience and prestigious accreditations from the biggest names in the industry.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is a set of response procedures to an unplanned event (disaster) that disrupts a business’s resources and puts day-to-day processes and operations at risk. From natural disasters and hardware failures to human errors and cyber crime, you can rely on our disaster recovery solutions to keep your business moving, should the disaster strike.

When you work with Netcentrix, we offer disaster recovery solutions that are bespoke to your business with outstanding service provided by our team of product specialists. We will work with you to design a disaster recovery plan that is created for your specific IT systems, from simple optimisation of your data backup strategy to full migration of all users and IT systems to our Azure Virtual Desktop Platform.

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Get in touch for specialist advice and support

Fast and Reliable Disaster Recovery Supported with Technical Expertise

Avoid both short-term and long-term financial and reputational damage with a disaster recovery solution that is scalable, cost-effective and supported with exceptional customer service.

Our solutions protect your data with comprehensive data backups and eliminates single points of failure, so you can have complete peace of mind that your data is protected by bolstered security processes.

Two smiling IT managers monitoring the business's SD-WAN deployment.

Safeguard Your Business with Netcentrix

When you choose Netcentrix, you are choosing a partner who really cares about your business and providing solutions that provide value and enable you to improve and grow your business.

From access to our team of accredited, highly-experienced product specialists to our knowledgeable, efficient service desk representatives and account managers who are there to provide the answers to your queries and requests, we’re here to deliver first-class solutions with exceptional customer service.

One of our specialists

Avoid disruption with best-in-class disaster recovery solutions.

Rest assured your business is protected.

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Data backup and Redundancy

With storage redundancy holding your data in two separate places, critical assets can be retrieved quickly and securely.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

No Single Point of Failure

Ensure that no single act, event or system failure leaves you without access to your critical data.

Site-to-site Replication

Site-to-site replication stores data in its original format, meaning it can be used immediately and in full in the event of a disaster.

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Enterprise-level Support

Elite provide best-in-class disaster recovery and wraps the service in our industry-leading customer support.

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Case Study - LED Leisure

Since seamlessly moving to the cloud, LED Leisure have managed to save in the region of £100,000 on costs and now have a flexible set-up where they can open pop-up sites with ease. Check out the video to see how this was achieved.


Business Benefits

Keep your business moving with disaster recovery solutions.

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Comprehensive Solution

Define and reduce the Recovery Point Objective (RPO_ and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) points of your business and create a more comprehensive backup routine with better data governance.

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Avoid Revenue Loss

With a more comprehensive view of your backup requirements you can reduce the impact of revenue loss and shorten the time taken to get operations back up and running.

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Protect Your Reputation

Disaster recovery this risk of reputational damage by introducing redundancy into your systems and processes, so daily workflows can continue in the event of a disaster.

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Scalable and cost-effective

Disaster recovery solutions are resilient by nature, but with Netcentrix’s solutions, they are also scalable and cost-effective to deploy.

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Knowledge and Experience

With extensive experience in designing and implementing disaster recovery plans, we understand they need to be robust and may require onsite, offsite and cloud elements to work in unison.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

From initial consultation right through to delivery, we work with you to ensure your disaster recovery plan and solutions is right for you.


Our specialists will conduct a thorough consultation to understand your business and its needs.


We’ll take what we’ve learned about your business to create a disaster recovery plan to keep your business moving.


Whatever you need, our team of experts and knowledgeable support representatives are here to help.

Account Management

You’ll be assigned your own account manager who will be your first point of contact.


First Time Resolution

91% of faults are fixed within the first attempt


Customer Satisfaction

Above industry average CSAT Score

5 Mins

Response Time

You can rely on a quick answer to your support request


Rate Us Excellent

93% of customers rated us good or excellent

Explore some key disaster recovery FAQs.

We're here to help!

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is an organisation’s ability to respond to and recover from an event that negatively affects operations. The goal of disaster recovery methods is to enable the organisation to regain use of critical systems and IT infrastructure, as soon as possible, after a disaster occurs.

Beyond RPO and RTO, what should I consider in my disaster recovery plan?

Every business is different, but external messaging is a commonly considered item, for example:

  • How do I let people know that we have a problem?
  • Do all of my systems need to be up or can we function on 1 or 2 main systems?
  • Do all of my users need access to the systems or in a disaster recovery situation is there a core set of staff that can run the business?

The answers to such questions will help determine your disaster recovery plan and thus the disaster recovery solutions required for your business.

What are RPO and RTO?

RPO and RTO are two of the main focusses of both backup and disaster recovery and are used to outline most strategies:

Recovery Point Objective: this is essentially ‘how much data could I lose’ before the cost outweighs the need. For example, Business A might be able to lose 1 day’s worth of data, but Business B may be transaction lead and only be able to lose 1 hour’s worth of data.

Recover Time Objective: This is best describes as ‘how long can my business systems be down before cost outweighs need’. Here Business A might be able to cope with no business presence for 3 days whilst Business B might only be able to cope with full system downtime for 30 mins.

Both of these aspects make up a large segment of disaster recovery plans.

What is the cost of Disaster Recovery?

It would be better to ask the following questions instead:

  • What is the cost to your business of not having a Disaster Recovery plan?
  • Could you recover if you suddenly lost access to all of your systems and data?
  • How long would it be before your business suffered irreparably?

The best disaster recovery solutions will differ depending on the needs of a business, but the cost of losing access to your data or not being able to continue your operations when a disaster strikes far outweigh the cost of investing in disaster recovery solutions.

“I would absolutely recommend working with Netcentrix, as they take the time to understand your business. The level of expertise shown by the team is great…”

A professional man in a shirt and tie sitting in front of a white wall.
Andrew Wilson


“Netcentrix have come through every time for me, in terms of quality of product, price of product and the delivery of that product.”

LED Leisure
Matthew Brown

LED Leisure

“The Netcentrix team is very professional, they work out what the business needs and come up with the right solution at the best price. That’s why I go back to them; I trust their judgement.”

A person icon against a blue backdrop.
Mike Smith

Castle Spring Group

“Netcentrix have provided us with outstanding support for the last 12 months. We have used other companies in the past and Netcentrix clearly understand our requirements more than others we have used.”

A person icon against a blue backdrop.
Daniel Frear

Alfa Travel

Disaster-proof Your Business with Netcentrix

Prepare your business for every eventuality with our range of disaster recovery solutions. Regardless of your size or type of business, our team of specialists are here to help you design the best disaster recovery plan with first class solutions to keep your business moving.

Fill in our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch!

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