Audits and Assessments

Have Netcentrix experts examine your security status and get a true picture of how secure your business really is.

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Let's Work Together to Optimise Your Security Efforts

Our security audits and assessments are designed to provide a comprehensive view of your cyber security solutions and strategy to effectively manage the risk of cyber security risks.

Investing in an in-depth cyber security assessment from our security specialists helps to mitigate cyber threats to prevent revenue loss and avoid reputational damage.

In-House IT Experts

Today more than ever, IT Security is a critical consideration for businesses. Netcentrix offer a range of audits designed to inform and educate businesses on their current IT security status together with recommendations on how security can be further boosted.

Our IT Security Audits are performed by our own in-house experts and consist of a rigorous examination of your IT estate and how it’s used.

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Rigorous Audits, Detailed Reports, Expert Recommendations

The subsequent reports are designed to give you a detailed, accessible overview of your current IT Security situation so you can take the necessary steps to protect your business from today’s threats.

Learn how secure your business really is with a comprehensive, expert, independent security audit.

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Secure Your Business Effectively with Our Experts

Our knowledgeable security specialists possess years of industry experience and take the time to really understand your business, solutions and goals before undertaking any cyber security audit or assessment.

Once we have assessed your current cyber security measures and solutions, we will then work you to fix any issues you may have and ensure your business cyber security is robust enough to fend

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Key Features

Easy-to-understand, comprehensive audits for one, fixed fee.

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Fixed-Fee Audit

For a standalone, fixed fee, Netcentrix IT experts will examine your IT estate and practice as part of either a site visit or remote audit.

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Findings Presented Face-to-Face

As well as providing your report in the form of a physical document, we will also discuss our findings with you in person.

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Simple Traffic Light System Used

All findings and recommendations are presented using an easy-to-understand traffic light system.

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Full Recommendations Provided

On request, Elite will work with you to create a set of actions that are within your budget to help boost your overall security.

Business Benefits

Cost-effective and comprehensive security audits and assessments.

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Stand-Alone Fixed Cost

Your security audit will be delivered for a fixed fee and will not interfere with your operations in any way.

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Vendor Agnostic

Recommendations in your report will be wholly independent and based exclusively on established industry standards.

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Flexible Scope

Our experts can look at your entire infrastructure or focus on a specific area (for example remote access or Cloud services).

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Broad Knowledge Base

As a leading technology provider, Netcentrix has access to skilled engineers who cover infrastructure, Cloud, unified communications, connectivity, and mobile.

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Easy to Understand

Our reports are designed so you can develop a quick understanding of your security status and take appropriate actions sooner.

“I would absolutely recommend working with Netcentrix, as they take the time to understand your business. The level of expertise shown by the team is great…”

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Andrew Wilson


“Netcentrix have come through every time for me, in terms of quality of product, price of product and the delivery of that product.”

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Matthew Brown

LED Leisure

“The Netcentrix team is very professional, they work out what the business needs and come up with the right solution at the best price. That’s why I go back to them; I trust their judgement.”

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Mike Smith

Castle Spring Group

“Netcentrix have provided us with outstanding support for the last 12 months. We have used other companies in the past and Netcentrix clearly understand our requirements more than others we have used.”

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Daniel Frear

Alfa Travel

Want to know how you can secure your business further?

Whether you’re looking to get the ball rolling with a security audit from Netcentrix or you’re in need of advice on what is the best option for you, our team is here to help.

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