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Relieve the pressures of daily IT stresses and hand over control of your Bolton business’s IT infrastructure to trained, reliable professionals with Netcentrix.

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Proactive Managed IT Services in Bolton for the Support You Need

Plagued with constant technical issues? Daily IT woes weighing you down? Is your current infrastructure blocking business growth? Why not hand off the management and upkeep of your IT infrastructure to IT pros with your best interests at heart? Let Netcentrix deal with the awkward necessities, so you can focus on doing what you do best and pushing your Bolton business forward.

Managed IT Services in Bolton Catered to Your Needs

At Netcentrix, our managed IT services treat each business as an individual.We take the time to get to know your business, the tools you are currently working with, and where improvements could be made. Then, we put together a Managed IT services package that’s bespoke to you and you alone, so you can reap the benefits as only your business can.

Proactive management and monitoring means any issues will be identified and solved before they have the chance to cause wider problems. This gives you the peace of mind and freedom you need to focus on your essential work, so your employees, clients and customers all share in the rewards.

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Say Goodbye to Downtime and Hello to Improved Productivity

When your IT is in disarray, downtime can strike at any time which can be costly in both time and money. However, with our managed IT services, Bolton businesses can rest assured that they’ll enjoy maximum efficiency in their operations thanks to a steady and seamless IT infrastructure backed by experts.

It doesn’t matter how your current setup works. Whether all of your hardware and software is stored in-house on hard drives and servers, or whether you’re well-immersed in the world of cloud computing, Netcentrix has the expertise and the resources to help you make the most of what you currently have and any new tools you’ll be onboarding, bolstering business productivity.

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Why Choose Managed IT Services in Bolton from Netcentrix?

As a certified Microsoft solutions partner, Netcentrix is trusted by the world’s leading computing brand to offer its products and services to businesses just like yours, so you can utilise the latest and greatest business technologies to make a real difference in what you do and how you do it.

We also work hard to ensure all elements of your systems are fully defended with strict cybersecurity protocols and ironclad tools designed to repel breaches. These tools are handpicked by use based on your needs and are always updated to the latest versions, offering the most trustworthy protection on the market today.

One of our specialists

Key Features

Expert support, advice and solutions when you need them most.

Trusted Security for IT systems & support

24/7 Support

Does your business run during unusual hours? Not a problem. You’ll have access to a technical support team at any time of day or night.

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Fully Managed IT services

Save yourself the hassle of dealing with daily IT upkeep and hand over the management of your IT infrastructure to experienced technicians.

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In-Depth Infrastructure Analysis

We’ll do a deep dive into your systems to see what’s working well, and what’s not, and offer helpful recommendations for improvements.

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Crystal-Clear Service Agreements

Industry-standard service level agreements (SLAs) mean you’ll always know what services you’re entitled to and the results you can expect.

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Case Study – LED Leisure

Discover how we helped LED Leisure to save money through moving their business operations to the cloud with Azure Hosting.


The Benefits of Managed IT Support in Blackburn

Access our team of experts to help you get the most out of your IT solutions.

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Expert Advice

Work with specialist technicians who can assist in all areas of IT within your business.

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Individual User Support

Isolated incidents often cost more time than larger ones – let us handle them, so you don’t have to.

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Out-of-Hours Assistance

Expert support, whenever you need it – even outside of standard working hours.

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Proactive System Monitoring

We can keep an eye on developing problems and deal with them sooner rather than later by connecting directly to your systems.

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Maximum Productivity

Maximising IT processes helps keep all employees on track, leading to greater productivity levels across the board.

Simple, Easy to Understand Managed IT Services in Bolton

Consistent IT Billing

Paying for your IT services can be confusing, so consolidate all your IT needs into one easy-to-manage payment with Netcentrix.

Qualified Technicians

Whatever problems you’re facing, we’ll always have the right expert to serve you in our team of qualified technicians.

Numerous Products

Looking for something specific? Take your pick from our selection of world-class IT tools.


First Time Resolution

91% of faults are fixed within the first attempt


Customer Satisfaction

Above industry average CSAT Score

5 Mins

Response Time

You can rely on a quick answer to your support request


Rate Us Excellent

93% of customers rated us good or excellent

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore some key Managed IT FAQs

How long are Netcentrix’s managed IT services agreements?

Our managed IT services in Bolton are taken on a 12-month contract. This allows us the time we need to onboard IT infrastructure, monitor progress, boost security and make any changes we feel are necessary to support businesses in the Bolton area.

Can Netcentrix replace my current managed services, such as security and data backup?

Absolutely. Whatever you’re looking for and however you want to change your IT, speak to one of our friendly team members who’ll point you in the right direction.

What do I do if I need support?

In the event of an issue, all you need to do is open a support ticket by:

  • Using the Service Now online portal
  • Sending us an Email with all the relevant info
  • Giving us a call

Then we’ll take care of the rest – it’s that easy.

How does Netcentrix price its packages for managed IT services in Bolton?

When pricing packages for managed IT services in Bolton, we look at your business in close detail, so we can arrange a package that serves your individual needs, instead of treating you like one out of a pack. That way, you know you’re getting the very best value for money and aren’t paying for tools and services you don’t need. We’ll also perform an audit of your existing systems to help us in our decision-making.

Why does it take a minimum of 30 days for Netcentrix to take over the management of our systems?

30 days is normally enough time for you to exit any existing contracts you have with IT solutions providers, so you’re not paying double. Also, 30 days gives us time to look at your current IT infrastructure, so we can truly hit the ground running and offer you the best possible service from day one.

“I would absolutely recommend working with Netcentrix, as they take the time to understand your business. The level of expertise shown by the team is great…”

A professional man in a shirt and tie sitting in front of a white wall.
Andrew Wilson


“Netcentrix have come through every time for me, in terms of quality of product, price of product and the delivery of that product.”

LED Leisure
Matthew Brown

LED Leisure

“The Netcentrix team is very professional, they work out what the business needs and come up with the right solution at the best price. That’s why I go back to them; I trust their judgement.”

A person icon against a blue backdrop.
Mike Smith

Castle Spring Group

“Netcentrix have provided us with outstanding support for the last 12 months. We have used other companies in the past and Netcentrix clearly understand our requirements more than others we have used.”

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Daniel Frear

Alfa Travel

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