Unlocking Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

Updated: October 20th, 2023 Author: Liv Appleton

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How Azure Helps Your Business to Make the Most of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing presents a multitude of advantages to businesses operating in a data-heavy environment. Scalability, which was once expensive and technically challenging, can now happen – in a lot of cases – in less than an hour, with new users and applications added to business cloud platforms, seamlessly. It also allows for greater cost-saving measures, removing the need for bulky, on-site servers that are difficult to maintain and expensive to fix. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that can help businesses negate the complexities of the cloud and use the technology to its full advantage.

Azure Security Best Practices

Understanding the Basics of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, at its core, is a use of virtualised applications and resources that are accessible via an internet connection, rather than being stored locally on hard drives or at data centres. Instead of being forced to host and manage hardware and software infrastructure locally, businesses can outsource network infrastructure to cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure, to handle the complex day-to-day running of their IT setups. This gives companies more flexibility and time to focus on their operations instead of worrying about technical, application-related issues when something goes wrong.

An Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers businesses a wide range of services, including cloud storage, virtual machines, networking opportunities and more. With a focus on allowing businesses to build and deploy applications quickly and easily, Azure offers a flexible, cost-effective solution for businesses seeking to create, scale and adapt to ever-changing digital environments by utilising Microsoft’s vast data centres as their own.

The Role of Microsoft Azure in Cloud Computing

Azure Cloud Services

With its plethora of services, Microsoft Azure has quickly become the go-to platform for businesses seeking to take advantage of cloud computing, cloud storage and cloud-based applications. With over 50% of businesses using Microsoft Azure at some point for their cloud services, according to data from Statista, it has cemented itself as an industry leader, helping businesses across the globe to streamline operations, boost efficiency and optimise workflows. The ability to quickly create and deploy applications, as well as Azure’s ability to offer reliable cloud storage and networking solutions, helps the service stand out above other cloud providers.

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

Unlocking Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure

Setting Up Your Azure Account

Like many other cloud services, Microsoft Azure requires new users to set up a new account and sign up for a Microsoft Azure subscription, which allows you to access the platform’s many services. Setting up an account is quick and easy and can be done through Azure’s official portal or by using Azure’s Command Line Interface (CMI). At Netcentrix, we help our customers move to cloud-based services like Microsoft Azure to enjoy as seamless and simple an experience as possible, so we can take care of the signing up process for you, saving you time and effort.

Navigating the Azure dashboard

Recognised as a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, the Azure dashboard simplifies the presentation of Azure’s resources, allowing you to manage and monitor your services and your subscription. You’re also able to customise the interface to your preference, making accessing your services even easier, and potentially saving you a lot of time throughout your Azure usage. Microsoft’s dedication to usability is evident in the dashboard, making it easy for both beginners and Azure veterans to utilise.

Exploring Azure’s Cloud Computing Services

Azure’s Virtual Machines

Azure’s virtual machines (also known as VMs) allow businesses to run applications within a virtualised environment separate from the rest of the system being worked on. VMs are particularly versatile, letting businesses alternate between operating systems, configurations and applications, which can be useful when developing new applications and ways of working without impacting other ongoing system processes. They’re ideal for testing new applications to see how they operate on a “clean” machine and are also easy to scale up and down, depending on the needs of the user.

Azure’s storage solutions

Cloud storage has changed the way individuals and businesses keep, transfer and manage their data, with no more reliance on on-site hard drives. Microsoft Azure offers various cloud storage solutions for businesses, to provide flexible, secure access to data from any location with improved visibility and management capabilities. These include Azure Files, which can manage file shares entirely within the cloud environment quickly and efficiently as long as there is a reliable internet connection capable of moving the files at the required speed. Table Storage and Queue Storage are also available, which are suitable for structured data storage and message queuing, for a more efficient data management process.

Azure’s networking capabilities

While Microsoft Azure presents a safe, secure and efficient environment to open and operate Microsoft Azure services, Azure’s networking capabilities also allow businesses to extend their on-premise networks to the cloud with reliable security. Services like Azure Virtual Network give businesses a secure, isolated virtual environment that is separate from their wider network, offering a safe place for them to use and test their applications and services, if they’re in fear of a potential network breach. While Azure Load Balancer and Azure Traffic Manager offer intelligent and scalable traffic distribution, ensuring applications receive the server capacity they need to fulfil their function without jeopardising the performance of other applications currently in use, for optimal performance.

Harness the Full Power of the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Solutions from Netcentrix

Azure hosting business cloud solution

Microsoft Azure and its services unlock a world of potential for businesses seeking to make the most of cloud computing. At Netcentrix, we’re highly experienced in the world of cloud computing and can offer you comprehensive assistance in the onboarding of Microsoft Azure within your business. We’re proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner, which has been achieved through the knowledgeable, efficient service and expertise we provide to our customers. All of our specialists, engineers and support team members are highly trained and experienced, so you can rely on us to make your migration to the Microsoft Azure, seamless and hassle-free. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with a Netcentrix technology expert today.

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